Below The Halo

He flared his wings, the crimson scales glistening in the moonlight. Holding out his hand, he looked at me. His intent was apparent. Reluctantly I grasped his palm, and shook it. Immediately, he released my hand, wiping his palm on his pants. I turned around.

“We’re in this together, but I’m not sure I can fully trust you,” he mumbled under his breath. I faced him and glared.

“You think I trust you too? You think me, a pure being of light, would ever work with the likes of underworld vermin like you?” I sneered back. His mouth tugged into a a frown at the comment. He looked away and started to walk off, his tail swinging as he did. The cold midnight breeze had my hair dancing in the wind, the zephyr sending a cold chill down my spine. Up in heaven the air is always pleasent, the sound of crickets and other nocturnal fauna singing all night. I miss that, and I pity the beings that have to endure these conditions. I glance over my shoulder at him, guilt washing over my nerves.

“Wait,” I say, he stops just as he was about to turn the nob to exit the abandoned warehouse. “I’m sorry. I just…I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m cold, I’m tired. I just want to go home.” I cover myself In my white feather wings, the warmth bringing me the slightest touch of comfort. “Let’s try to work together. There is no getting out of this alone.” I shoot him a small smile. He looks at me and just nods, then continues to walk out and gently closes the door behind him. I glance up at the glowing yellow ring that adorns the space above my head, remembering the memories of home. The bright yellow sun always glistening in the sky, the choir of doves filling the sky with song and the laughter of children and cherubs flowing in the air. There is also a dark side to that place. The judgement of the other dieties is harsh, unforgiving, and not selective. If anyone dares disrespects the rules they will “fall from grace” as said by the elders. I lay on the cold, wet concrete floor, my wings still wrapped around me like a blanket. A hot tear streaks my face. The place I call home might seem like it is a place where the most pure of beings reside but it is really a place of despair and pain. The pain of constantly trying to meet the expectations laid upon you for simply being born into the divine race. Eventually sleep washes over me, not easily however. Having to be forced to live underneath this halo is not as easy and glorious as it seems.

Note: this was also a little rushed and I didn’t try as much but I still kinda like it

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