The Bride-to-be

February 15th

Momma says that she’s found me a match. He lives in a mansion across the country; it’s been in his family for generations. I know I should be excited, but there’s a part of me that fears he will be disappointed in me. Though I do not possess all the attributes of a distinguished lady, Papa says my beauty is unrivaled and any man would be lucky to have me. Maybe I’m borrowing trouble where there’s none…I’ll meet my soon-to-be husband in three days. I just hope he’s young and handsome. The last thing I want is a frog in a suit.

February 18th

Today, I met Andrew Van Higgins. He’s not at all what I expected. I wouldn’t call him ugly, but his hair looks like hay and he smells slightly of eggs. Nothing a little soap and a comb can’t fix! We’re having dinner in the ballroom this evening. I’ve decided to wear the baby blue dress I got for my birthday last year. Momma said it brings out my eyes. Hopefully, Andrew thinks so too.

March 2nd

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had time to write. Wedding planning is in full swing and the list of attendees keeps growing. Andrew has more aquaintances than a man who barely talks should! Everyday, I meet someone new who has “known Andrew since he was this tall” or is “forever indebted to Andrew for saving my company from bankruptcy”. I end each day exhausted from the constant circus of luncheons, teas, and high society balls. My fiancé is still a stranger to me. I’ll have to get him to know him better before the wedding at the end of the month. I will NOT be spending my wedding night trying to figure out what his favorite color is…that would be pitiful.

March 29th

It’s blue!! His exact words were “the blue of your eyes. Like the sky on a peaceful morning or the lake I frequented as a boy.” Who knew the financier Van Higgins was a secret poet? A veritable wordsmith! Also, I gifted him a new bergamot soap. No more egg smell!

March 31st

_Mrs. Van Higgins_

_Goldie Van Higgins_

April 30th

At tea the other day, all the ladies were talking about how boring their husbands were and that they much prefered when the men were away on business. That’s how I know my marriage is something different. When Andrew is away, I mourn and when he’s near, I relish in his attention. Even though I don’t have much experience with other men, Andrew is special. He asks me about my day, has the chef make all my favorite desserts, and holds me as if I am something precious. It’s seems all my fears were for naught. I am the wife to a wonderful man and everyday is better than the last.

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