Story Time

A little girl asked her mom for a cat and the mom said “ maybe God will give you a cat.” So the little girl ran outside and started praying


I was on my way to work I noticed out the passenger window a group of fire fighters trying to get a cat out of a tree so I parked my Raptor truck and asked if they needed help so four guys thought it would be a great Idea to get the rope out of my truck and tie it to the branch the cat was on and tied the other branch to my truck so as I put the truck in drive I drove slowly until I heard the branch creak well the rope broke and in the distance I could hear the branch swing like a bat I sat there for a second, I’m sure it’s fine…. Then I drove off to work


A week later I noticed my neighbor buying pet food

“I thought you didn’t like pets Miss May.”

“I don’t.” May said “ but Angel wanted a cat so I told her to asked God next thirty minutes she comes in with a big smile and a cat in her arms.”

Trying not to laugh I waved goodbye once I got in my truck I chuckled then started laughing

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