Let This Be Over

Earthquakes no longer feel foreign to my body

The backstabbings happen more and more lately

Different friends and different fantasies that she made up in her head

I thought that I trusted what she said but the lies keep getting worse

The spiralling stories of the past


And then rehashed again

Each a shock to my body like an earthquake rattling the shore

I thought I knew the ones I could trust

I thought she was really my friend

As each story keeps getting more unreal

Each moment told again and again in constant repeat

I can’t seem to fathom

Her words feel like they are in a box hidden in her closet ready for her to pull out

In rage

In consequence maybe

Maybe everything she does is a calculated plan that knows all details

Maybe every word she says is a lie

Where she’s from

Who she’s talking to

I can’t manage to keep up

All I want to do is leave her in the dust

Emotional women being toxic to each other

My mind rambles

Let this be over

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