Hindsight Is Everything

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair!”

A prince yelled to me, once upon a time

I was so naïve, but now I’m aware

My real story is the victim of crime

Now grounded firm in reality

A world consisting of more than true love

I recognize newfound tenacity

If I possessed then, I’d rise above

Chasing my dreams, unafraid I would fly

No more phycological bars locked tight

To my jailer, I’d no longer comply

Dearest “Mother,” your fall I’d expedite

My mindset matured to common standard

Cultural duality between worlds

Those I somehow tirelessly meandered

My first step: chopping my long, golden curls

The lesson I’ve learned from surviving here

Is you must overcome all little fear

For it promotes distress and disarray

And know you don’t need a prince to save the day

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