“I didn’t realize she was going to tell me something so personal!” Jacob exclaims, after quietly pacing for a few minutes.

He’s in his kitchen, talking to his best friend since childhood, Derrick, who appeared oddly quiet as Jacob recounted the horrors he experienced the night before. Turning, he looks over at his friend who appears more interested in brewing coffee than an engaging conversation. He calls his friend’s name, finally gaining his attention.

“You do realize this sounds ridiculous?” Derrick replies, his tone tired.

“I wouldn’t be telling you if I didn’t have confirmation.”

“Okay….witches aren’t real,” Derrick says while holding back a scoff.

The coffee machine alerts to its finished brew.

“You haven’t seen what I saw. At her apartment, she brought out pixie dust and we flew all around it.”

“So not only was your date a witch but you also flew? Okay, Peter Pan, I’ve had enough. I’m getting my coffee and leaving.”

Derrick grabs a mug and pours some coffee inside.

“I wouldn’t lie to you!”

Derrick sighs, shaking his head. “Last week, you said you went on a date with a half-unicorn girl. The week before that, an elven gymnast. You’re starting to see how this all sounds like you're losing it right?”

“It’s gotta be that app I used.”

“What and it’s setting you up with supernatural beings who trauma dump on the first date?”

“Hey, that story of how that half-unicorn girl lost her horn was heartbreaking.”

“Doesn’t change what I said.”

Jacob doesn’t respond, instead opening up the dating app he’s used these past few months. He had a couple of new matches, all women who seemed not related to the fantastical or supernatural world but he knew better now.

“Have you even looked up the app you're using or read the reviews?” Derrick wonders, taking a sip from the mug in his hands.

“No, you know I’m a try and see type of person.”

Derrick puts down his mug on the counter, reaching in his pocket for his phone. “What’s the name of the app?”

Jacob tells his friend the name of the app and after Derrick searches for it he's met with a raised brow.

”Are you sure that's the name of the app?” Derrick asks, causing Jacob to walk over to him and hand over his phone.

Derrick looks at his phone and then back at his own, somehow his raised brow gets higher.

“What’s up?” Jaciv says, a feeling of panic welling up inside of him.”What’d you find out?”

“This app is not on any App Store. And I mean any. I googled it and nothing. How’d you even find this?”

Jacob thinks for a moment then answers.”I scanned this poster I found outside this cafe and then downloaded it.”

“Okay, do you remember what cafe?”

“It’s the one by the donut shop and—I can’t remember where else.” Jacob scratches his head as he searches his mind for the exact location.

“There’s no cafe by the donut shop,”Derrick responds, confused. “That’s why most people just buy a coffee from inside the donut shop.”

“And wait, why are you heading to a coffee shop anyway when you’ve got that beauty over there?” Derrick adds in as an afterthought.

“Sometimes a man just wants some premium coffee,” Jacob says, giving his coffee machine a look of disappointment.

“Then buy more premium coffee grounds.” Derrick says but then narrows his eyes. “Wait…is it so you can order a latte with fancy art? Let me guess, you

probably request that they draw Naruto, Luffy, or something like that.”

“Goku, and I hate that you know me, man.”

Derrick groans. “You are such a disappointment but I always got your back. Maybe the cafe you found is just


“No, the place I go to is really noticeable. I’m not sure how you or anyone else has never noticed it.”

“How long have you been going there?”

“Past six months and I’ve gone almost every morning since it’s opening.”

“Alright, can you take me to this cafe then?”

“Of course, and when you see it you’ll slap yourself for missing out on the best coffee ever! I swear to you it's like magic in a cup.”

They go to the cafe near the donut shop and much to Jacob’s confusion there’s no cafe around. Derrick gives him an I told you so look but Jacob ignores it as he desperately feels around as if the cafe was invisible somehow. Jacob’s mouth gets drier as anxiety swirls around in his stomach.

“Wh—Where is it?”Jacob asks with confused desperation in his voice.

“You probably were mistaken and it’s another block over or something.”

“No, no, no! It’s here! I know it’s here! Every day, there’s a cute barista I keep telling myself I’ll talk to but then I just end up using that stupid app where I end up on the worst dates possible. And. And…”

Some of his words come out smushed together while others get stuck in his throat. He rubs the back of his neck as he tries to get a grip on himself.

“Calm down,” Derrick says but his words don't ease Jacob at all.

“I—I just. I don’t understand.”

“Neither do I.”

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