Andante, Little Sprout

Andante, little sprout

Beware the wish to win the race

Can you wait but a little longer?

Don’t rush, darling, even if

Every bone in you screams _RUN_

Forget what they told you about fast

Going the distance requires consistency,

Half the battle is a steady pace.

Ignition throttles you forward,

Just wait a moment, dear,

Kindly reduce your speed,

Let your feet develop a rhythm, andante,

Mind the path, cast off your fear

No need to compare yourself to others,

Of course, you might stumble,

Perhaps you might fall, but just as

Quickly get up! Do not

Ruminate, love, on your

Shortcomings— everyone has them,

Teeming, our flaws sprawl inside

Us like so many weeds.

Voracious we are to

Whittle them away, to create a perfect

Xanadu where nothing slows us down.

Yet we must continue, andante,

Zeroing in on the finish line.

Keep going,




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