The Man

This story is about a 14 year old girl named Bailey Charles who just moved to Brixton,London. Bailey moved into a neighborhood called Angel valley neighborhood. It’s march 10, 2021 when bailey starts her first day at an all girl school called Brixton middle. *Beep beep* Baileys alarm clock goes off at 7:00 every morning as her mom called out and says “Bailey its time to wake up and get ready for school”. As usual Bailey gets up and puts on her uniform and heads down stairs for breakfast as Bailey sits down she says “this uniform is so itchy and ugly why do i have to wear these”with a disgusted look on her face. “They’re not ugly i actually like them it suits your green eyes” says Baileys mother “you’d get it if you were wearing it” says Bailey. As Bailey finishes her breakfast she heads out the door and hops on her bike for school. On her way there she passes by a cemetery “how creepy” say Bailey. As Bailey arrives at school she locks her bike onto the bike rack and heads into school “this place is so creepy” whispers Bailey. When she gets to her first class she looks around and finds an empty desk near the back she sits down. Next to her is a girl with red hair who looks a bit like Shirley temple just then the teacher walks in his name is Mr.lockman he introduces himself and tells everyone “turn to the person next to you and introduce yourself tell them your name age and what your favorite subject is”. The red haired girl then turns to you and introduces her self “Hi I’m Alice I’m 14 and my favorite subject is math, your turn” “oh well I’m Bailey I’m also 14 and my favorite subject is definitely writing i want to be a famous writer when I grow up” says Bailey. “Well i want to be a PA when i grow up i heard they make a lot of money”says Alice “My moms actually a PA she makes a lot of money but she’s barley ever home” “that sucks but I really like money so ill do anything for money”says Alice. Just as Bailey was about to respond Mr. Lockman says “ok its time to get out your history books and flip to page 18, Alice can your start us off where it says Native Americans and how they hunt”. When school finished Bailey goes back to her bike and heads home, on her way home she picks some flowers and decides to put some on the tombstones in the cemetery while she was placing the flowers one by one on most tombstones as she was about finished she looks over and sees and man about 5,9 with pale skin, blurred eyes, and no hair. The man was wearing what looked like one of those detective coats you see in movies he was holding an umbrella but it wasn’t raining, as Bailey was observing the odd man he looks straight at her Bailey didn’t know what else to do so she said “hi how’s your day been”. With no response he started inching closer to her Bailey then ran out of the cemetery where she sees Alice. Alice ask “ hey what are you doing there this place has been abandoned for years” Bailey responds “I didn’t know that, there was a creepy man in there look” Just as Bailey looks back the man disappeared it was just fog. Alice then says “don’t talk to him he um-ummm is just a local but just whatever you do don’t talk to him, promise?” “Mhm…” Said Bailey but she knew she couldn’t keep that promise because she already had broken it what’s gonna happen now that she did. “Ok good well I’ll see you at school tomorrow bye”said Alice “bye said Bailey. As Bailey was peddling home she tried not to worry to much about what happened. When she arrived home dinner was ready her mom sat her down they were having pasta for dinner. Her mom asked “how was school honey” Bailey responded “it was ok I made a new friend”.after they finished dinner Bailey took a shower and her and her mom sat down and watched tv. While they were watching tv Bailey couldn’t stop thinking about what Alice said and what was going to happen. After they finished watching tv it was 9:00 so Bailey headed to bed she had a horrible dream about the man taking her away. When Bailey woke up it was already 8:00 it’s weird she slept through her alarm and even weirder her mom didn’t call her name but then she thought her mom probably is still sleeping. Bailey rushed to get her clothes on and headed down stairs and looked for her mom “MOM” yelled Bailey but no response so she went to her room but no mom. “Hm she must’ve just left for work early so she grabs an apple and heads out the door on her way she stops at the cemetery “hm no man today” she says. When she gets to school she notices the halls were really empty but she heads to her first period class with Alice anyway. She gets to her class but no one was there except Alice she was standing in a corner facing the wall. “You talked to him didn’t you” Alice said in a hushed voice “no I didn’t remember I promised…” said Bailey “s-stop lying to me look what you did” said Alice just then Alice turns around which made Bailey jump back at what she saw “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR EYES” said Bailey “y-your next he took them from us all” said Alice as her voice deepened with every word “you must suffer your consequences like we had to because of your mistakes and lies now bye bye” says Alice just then every thing goes black. *Beep beep* Baileys alarm clock goes off as her mom yells out “Bailey it’s time to wake up and get ready for your first day of school”


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