A Special Variant

Every week of jogging, Wilfia couldn’t resist her sorrows for this one little girl that always played on the playground by herself.

Most of the time, if not ever, kids would pay her dust for some odd reason, which led Wilfia to ask herself: is she annoying? Is she rough with the other kids? Does she stank or something?

Questions that needed answers, but there’s only one way to possibly know.

Wilfia decided from her jogging schedule she will introduce herself to the little girl. Not as herself though, more like cuddly, fuzzy, cute fur ball with four legs.

Wilfia ran her longs legs straight towards the park where she’d found the little girl doing completely nothing. In fact, she appeared to be filled with the blues, glancing at the other children occasionally. It made Wilfia somberly carry her four legs to the little girl and begun exhilaratingly sniffing, hopping, and licking causing the little to be a bit scared at first as she almost took off running.

But then she stopped in her tracks innocently gazing at the Wilfia fulfilled with so much hope in her eyes. The little girl slowly came back mirroring Wilfia to harmlessly approach as well, putting her head down. The little girl took it as a sign to diffidently glide her hand across her head softly transitioning into patting, then to a complete double-hand massage.

Wilfia couldn’t help getting weak on her knees and crumbling to the ground, technically on the last step of stairs on the playground. Wilfia could feel the little girl’s energy brightening up allowing laughter to escape through her lips.

The little girl ended the fantastic massage that Wilfia was receiving and gave her a look on her collar.

“Wilfia.” Her high pitch voice uttered. “Well, nice to meet you, Wilfia.” She shook her paw. “I’m Ghamorsi. Wanna throw a ball with me?”

Wilfia’s tail began to waggle crazily, watching Ghamorsi digging in her pocket and pulling out a tennis ball. Usually she’d used this ball to throw against a wall so it can bounce back to her, but today is a different story.

As she throws the ball for Wilfia to catch and return back, Wilfia couldn’t help to acknowledge the children in the background staring enviously. To rub it in, Wilfia began to chase and tackle Ghamorsi like they were playing tag, which made the kids approach. Too bad Wilfia knew they only wanted to play with her through Ghamorsi, so she would bark and growled at them forcing them to leave.

Ghamorsi didn’t seem to mind, since the kids treated her like a throwaway trash anyway. They kept on playing upon hours and hours until it was time for Ghamorsi to go home.

Wilfia went back home too, and by next week she came back and saw Ghamorsi had a new friend on the playground that Wilfia has never seen before. Ghamorsi spotted Wilfia jogging by and for some mysterious reason, Wilfia felt this energy that Ghamorsi knew who she was.

Ghamorsi curved into a huge smile and waved at Wilfia and she returned the same courtesy.

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