Dimensional Chase

Stop chasing me! Huff. Hufff


I was running away from the police. I was suspect for a hit and run, but I’ve never driven a car in my life! Wait I wasn’t even old enough to drive!! I’m only 14!!! How can they be so blind!!!!

You’re probably thinking, just explain that to the police—you truly are a blessed person.The police do the teaching with their guns, before I can even get a word, I’ll be coated with my own pool of blood.

Huff huff huff

I raced towards the corner and suddenly a police man came out of no where.

In a quick response, I kicked him in the jaw and I felt a bead of sweat roll down my chin.

Now I’ve done it. Ugh…now I’ve done it. I’m going to be classed as a dangerous fugitive. They gonna bring their forces now

Pant pant

I raced through the corner into the alley way. Passing my favourite shop caused my eyes laced with tears. This was my childhood and now as a fugitive, I can never come back.

Despite the tears that blocked my vision, I stumbled through the alleyway—avoiding the dealers, trash cans and the stray animals.

Then I saw my ticket to escape. A 9ft wall. Haha, there’s no way the police car can climb over. A beaming smirk crossed my lips, you could say I was a parkour venture.

I climbed up the wall like a bear does with a tree


I made it over and I gazed at the police squad and I stuck my tongue out.

Before I knew it, a bullet ripped through my left arm and I collapsed backwards, hitting my head.


The boy was knocked out cold, but little did he know this was the formulae into going to the new world


Ugh, my head is spinning. I clutched my head and i looked around.

The alleyway…?


Why haven’t I been taken yet…the police had every opportunity to get me.

And my arm…there was no bullet hole and it felt as good as new.


Despite his spinning view of the world, the boy slowly rose up and he looked at the sky.

His eyes widened in terror—there was a hole in the sky.

And a police cruiser was falling out!!!! Right underneath him

The boy leaped forward before the cruiser crashed where he was before

‘Even, if you escape to this world…the law will always find.’


My eyes widened in horror

‘The fu—‘ I said, but I stopped mid way. No, swearing, mum never liked those dirty words.


The boy scrambled up and he began running and he had escaped into the night.

But the policeman sighed

‘no one should be able to cross to this border, we weren’t planning on hurting him…but now he must be eliminated.’

The police officer nonchalantly walked. He stuck out like a sore thumb in the crowd. The police in this world wore non-uniform, but he wore a blazing crimson uniform with pride

‘How am I suppose to find him…in this world…?’

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