John’s Old Refrigerator

John has been fixing his car all day and is feeling thirsty. He lets down the hood and walks over to his old refrigerator.

He opens the refrigerator door. Before he can look inside, John inhales a putrid smell and slams the door shut.

He goes down on one knee to point a flashlight between a dusty wall and the old refrigerator. John grimaces.


(Grumbling) It looks like it's time to clean you out.

Now, John is cleaning his old refrigerator. There is a pile of dirty rags and spray bottles on the hood of his car. John goes down on one knee to reach far behind the unit. He sweeps out the last pile of dust with a rag.


There we go, just like new.

Now, John is cleaning up for the day. He grabs the dirty rags and sprays bottles from around the garage. Suddenly, he feels a SHARP PAIN on his finger and drops THE RAGS.


(Suprised) Damn!

He shakes his hand in pain and squeezes it into a fist as SOMETHING BLACK scurries away from a rag.


I knew I should have worn gloves!

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