First Clash

The orc slashed down with the double headed axe trying her best to decapitate the conscript of the royal army. This was another of many men she had come into contact with since dawn. All around there were screams of men who took a critical hit and the moans of those who had given up and were waiting for death.

When the two armies first clashed, K’rhae was overwhelmed by the unfamiliar noises. K’hrae was not a trained warrior, no woman in any orc tribe was. However, she went before the tribal chief to ask that an exception be made. She lost her husband and her sons to this madness and all she had left was vengeance. She wanted someone to pay for her loss and she would get payment from the army of the human king Thewes Garlreck. The chief granted her request to join his men for no other reason than he needed more bodies. He cared not for this woman’s desire for vengeance.

The initial battle cries of both armies was terrifying. Their screams were accompanied by the drums of the orcs and the bugles of the royal army. Commands on both sides were drowned out by the cacophony which led to mass confusion and the first casualties on both sides.

K’hrae shrank in on herself during the first clash of the people in both armies. The unfamiliar sounds made her mind go blank. On her right, a man she had known since childhood took a sword to his guts and fell to the ground. She saw before her another person she cared about in her life had been struck down by Garlecks’s army. Her world shrank down to the human men before her. All she wanted was to sink her axe into these humans and make them pay for their transgressions with blood.