A Life After The One Lived

Moments of disconnectedness flooded my consciousness, stirring panic from within. There wasn’t much time left. The end, as I knew it, was upon me. All that meant, though, was that a new beginning was about to start. It was a journey reserved for the chosen few. Years earlier, it seemed unfathomable that my internal struggles would ever be rewarded. Counseled by clergy, I shunned the sentiments of imprisonment voiced by atheist friends. Each had his own opinion, which I respected, just as they supported the decision to follow my heart.

The void of the great beyond was just minutes away from being realized. After crossing over the threshold into the unknown, I believed everything experienced during my so called “before life” would pale in comparison to the enlightenment felt afterwards. I had faith in that reality. Unable to be dissuaded from the path chosen, salvation awaited me at the end of the corridor.

Walking in the warmth of light isn’t appreciated in full until time has been spent wandering in the soulless shadows of darkness. A life once lived, cast aside long ago, would soon be replaced by the opened arms of protective warmth. There was a unquestioned willingness to protect me, to sacrifice their own life, if only to resurrect forgotten beliefs, as if such proof was necessary.

If anyone had to prove themself then one need only look at my woefully insufficient yardstick. In comparison, my deficiencies should have prevented entry into this somewhat exclusive club. Instead, without hesitancy, the gentle gaze of acceptance stood waiting for me, to build from the existing foundation of shortcomings. It comforted me. As much as I wanted to run towards my fate, breaking protocol seemed inappropriate. Patience encouraged the ability to savor every moment of this one way trip. There’d be plenty of time to lift a chalice of wine and toast the good fortune of everything hereafter. Destiny awaited me.

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