He Doesn’t Know Me

“Moving day. Moving day.” Bailey sings at the top of her lungs. She has her ballerina tutu on and a baseball cap sat on her head. Her fingers brush over my new bedroom walls as she moves around the room.

“It’s not moving day anymore. We’re already at the new house, so moving day it over.” I point out the obvious to my oblivious sister.

Her cute pixie features make me smile every time I see her sweet face. Her ears stick out from the cap. She’s cute and innocent. The way I always want her to be. She means everything to me.

“Ok.” she giggles and I can’t help but giggle with her. “Mum said we’re going next door. The neighbours want to meet us.” she pats her tutu so it’s sitting in the right place.

‘Alright. Let’s do this.” I sigh dramatically and grab Bailey's hand on my way out my bedroom.

Mothers already by the door in her long coat. A teal green with silver sparkles coating the sleeves and collar. Her eyeshadow matches as well as her shiny silver shoes.

She doesn’t say anything to us but opens the door and waits for us to walk out first. She always likes to be behind us whenever we’re walking. She says you're most vulnerable when you know someone’s behind you and you have no idea what they could do.

I hold back a groan and instead grab my coat. I keep my hand securely in Baileys and pull her along with me.

Outside, the artificial green grass stands out against the perfect white pavement. The big, white houses along this street are filled with people who have the perfect life and perfect family. I haven’t met any of them yet, but the fancy cars and neatly cut rose bushes gives the impression that they’re all living a very comfortable life.

“Best behaviour tonight.” Mother says before reaching the neighbours door. She pulls the golden eagle head and it makes a loud knock when it lands back on the wood.

“Take your own advice.” I mutter back.

The door opens and I lose myself completely.

A tall guy stands there, staring at the three of us. His oceanic blue eyes dazzle down at us. His sandy brown hair begs to have a hand run through it. His jaw is as sharp as a racer and I bet if I ran my palm along it it would definitely bleed.

“Ladies.” he greets us. His voice is a beautiful melody that hypnotises me.

How could that voice be as angelic as it was all those years ago?

A gasp leaves me without knowing and suddenly his sharp eyes focus in on me.

His head tilts, he rubs one of his rough hands along his jaw and I realise he has no idea who I am.

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