Come, Caress

Sweetness and Softness, were old friends

Seldom heard from, in song.

They refused to make amends,

Not knowing right from wrong.

To my downfall they did devote

Leaving long ago.

But they’d visit in my darkest hour,

And shower me with hope.

One fateful night they killed my trust,

And stomped to ground my soul.

A pact they’d made, to serenade

And steal from my heart’s gold.

Each held firm their dainty hands—

Take note of love’s discord.

They squeezed with glee, my cardboard throat.

And smiled down, my dying chords.

They reject bye-byes with bitter lullabies.

Note perfect, but sing off-key.

Spit venom to blind and bind my highs

Twins entwined, in love’s envy.

A hardened heart now awaits their return.

Will they soften or leave destruction?

Oh Sweetness and Softness, for you I yearn…

Come, caress without seduction.

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