A Mother’s New Baby

“I’m sorry the number you called has a voicemail that has not been set up” Jackie swiftly hung up the phone. Why is this man not answering his phone? Her thoughts were running wild. She knew that Devin was a busy man. He had just sealed the deal on opening yet another dispensary location after his first location was awarded the top favorite dispensary in the state. However, since becoming a new member of the empty nester’s club, Jackie was craving a little more attention than usual. The transition from having someone to entertain at home to going home and figuring out how to entertain herself was not the transition she assumed it to be.

Once Jackie came to the conclusion that the walls in her home were not privy to responding to her cunning jokes she decided to take up an internal job offer that more or less forced her to travel for weeks at a time. This gave her the ability to see the world and meet people from different backgrounds that could possibly feed the attention she was used to receiving and it would all be on her employer’s dime. The thought of leaving Devin for weeks made Jackie’s stomach turn, but she knew that she couldn’t depend on any man, especially one as busy as a top tier business owner to fill the void of this new life transition. She did want to see him before she embarked on her new journey though. She even put on his favorite mint green and lavender floral sundress, let her locs hang down like he likes, and drowned herself in her favorite lavender perfume he bought her for her birthday. She wanted to leave a lasting impression since she would be gone for a while but it seemed to her that it was all a waste because she couldn’t get a hold of him.

With disgust written on her face, she reached for the phone to dial his number again. Before she was able to finish dialing his number the sudden sound of chatter from the lobby swept her office. The continual compliments and appreciation Jackie heard made her curious so she decided to worry about what was going on with Devin later and go see what was causing ruckus in her usually peaceful work environment.

As she walked into the lobby she recognized the Shaghaf cologne scent that filled the air. The back of the 6 foot 3 muscular body frame and neatly cornrowed locs confirmed her assumption on who was catching the attention of her employees. Confused about why he was there at her office, Jackie mentally prepared for the worst.

“Devin? What’s going on?” Before she could continue her questioning Devin turned around to reveal that he came bearing gifts. One being an adorable black Yorkshire Terrier covered in brown spots. The other gift being a basket full of flowers, dog treats, dog toys, and a portable kennel for the Yorkie.

“I know it's been a tough time for you since sending your only child to college. My sister told me that getting a pet really helped her once all of her kids left the nest. And I wanted you to know that you have something and someone waiting for you when you get back from your trip. I’ll keep him while you are gone and make sure everything is right with the Veterinarian.” Devin explained.

“Awwww this is too sweet! What’s his or her name?” Jackie managed to get out behind a choked up throat and teary eyes.

“He doesn’t have a name yet. I thought we could take him for a walk for lunch and come up with one.” Looking at the red and black checker collar around the Yorkie’s neck Jackie caught a glance at the nameplate. There was no name on the front but the back read, “My mommy’s name is Jackie Stanley”. It also had her phone number on it. She could no longer hold back the tears in her eyes.

Remembering where she was in the moment, Jackie looked up at her employees who all had tears in their eyes. They basked in the glory of a man showing his appreciation to a special woman in his life. She wiped the tears from her face as quickly as they fell, looked over at her assistant, and told her to tell everyone she will contact them next week because she would be out of the office the rest of the day.

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