The Cliff

I ran up to the cliff, knowing I had just trapped myself. I couldn’t go back or else they would catch me. Quickly searching the area for a solution on how to escape, I heard them shout “WHERE IS SHE?!” They had lost me for now, but not for long. To the left, I see a very old electric line I could climb across. Infront of me, I see a pool of water with alligators snapping up, and it’s crawling with venomous snakes. To my right, an old miners chain that was all rusted over. None of these seemed safe. I had started to panic, was this worth it? will i make it? Analyzing my choices, I decided to go with the….

Miners Chain

Analyzing my choices, I decided to go with the miners chain. It was very wobbly.. I had to stay low so they wouldn’t see me go down. About halfway down, I hear some of the dirt roots snapping. Knowing it was about to fall, I had to rush. Sweat dripping on my forehead and drenching my clothes, I was nervous and hot. The chain started to fall, and so did I.

Reptile Pond

Analyzing my choices, I decided to go with the reptile pond up ahead of me. This was terrifying! I have had a huge fear of reptiles my whole life. I closed my eyes, held my breath, and jumped. Landing right in the middle of lots of creepy cold-blooded creatures, I had to swim as fast as I could. An alligator must have gotten ahold of me, I braced myself for the death roll. Then, it started. The water splashed and splashed, that was the last thing I saw and smell before I fell to the bottom of the pond and never came back out.

Electric Cord

I grabbed an old clothes hanger and bender it where I could hold on to it and it could slide across. My heart was racing. This was probably the most scary thing i’ve ever done. Holding on as tight as I can, I was off. I closed my eyes tightly, holding my breath. I felt the dip in the line, so I knew I was near/ in the middle. Sighing in relief that I was almost done with this wretched zip line. Then, there was a terrible screech and I noticed the clothes hanger was peeling the insulator off the wire. The metal got electrocuted, and I did too.

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