One Million Dollars!

I’m going to call Kalle and see when she’ll

drop off the newspaper, thought Aliza. She

picked up the phone and was about to call

her friend when the dorr bell rang. Aliza

opened the door to find her friend Kalle

standing there with the newspaper.

“Here’s the newspaper Aliza.” Said

Kalle. “Thanks Kalle I was just about to call

you and ask when you can drop it off!”

Exclaimed Aliza. “Oh funny! Well I gotta get

going, see you later.”

Aliza was looking at the word search

clues and saw something strange. She

thought about it all day. Then suddenly, it

hit her! She figured out what seemed

Strange about the newspaper. It was telling

her a message. She rushed home to look at

it again and she saw that it said the lottery

number is 7825.

What the heck, she thought. Well I

Guess I’ll get number 7825 to see if it’s

true. The next day Aliza turned on the tv to

see what the numbers are. “ The lottery

number today is… 7, 8,2,5! And the reward

money is one million dollars! “YES YES YES

I WON I WON!” Screamed Aliza at the top

of her lungs. She was so happy!

And that is the story of the girl with one million dollars.

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