Then Why Did You Bring A Gun?

Luna walked down the dark streets alone. She wasn’t scared in the slightest. With the power she held, she wasn’t afraid of anything anymore. Or anyone. The only ones who seemed to be the major concern were the OAE people tracking her every step and chasing her down. Whether they wanted the power all to themselves or needed for it to be gone by killing her, Luna did not want to know.

Flynn worked in the OAE, and he was basically Carolina’s right hand. He and his boss and colleagues searched for Luna everywhere, but whenever they confronted her she would always get away.

Luna took a seat on a bench in the dark, cold park and waited. She knew she was being followed, so she patiently stared at nothing in particular until her follower gave up waiting and walked up to her. It was Flynn, his hands in his pockets, a mischievous look. She and him have met before.

“From what I hear,” Flynn says. “You have not been cooperating with my people.”

“Nope.” Luna looked up at him. “Flynn, right? I remember you.”

“I’m flattered.” Flynn nodded towards her. “I know exactly who you are.”

Luna stood. “You’re wasting your time if you think I’ll go with you. Because let me see,” Luna counted on her fingers. “This is like the first, second, third, billionth time you’ve tried?”

“You either cooperate or you die,” Flynn said. “I thought you’d be smarter than that.”

Luna crossed her arms. “Funny, I imagined you being just as dumb.” She smiled mockingly. “We both know you can’t hurt me. At least not until you get me into Carolina’s hands.”

“Listen,” Flynn said. “The OAE doesn’t want to harm you at all. We need to discuss a certain matter. Your powers are way too big to be wandering around the world carelessly.”

“What are you doing to do, lock me in a cell?” Luna shook her head. “You’d have catch me first.”

The two looked into each other’s eyes, wordlessly thinking of the next step. Flynn knew he wouldn’t get her to cooperate empty handed, and Luna knew he couldn’t have come unarmed.

Simultaneously, they both pulled out a gun and pointed it at each other.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Flynn warned.

“Why not? Wouldn’t it make your job much easier?”

“I repeat, we bring no harm. We’re on the same side, Luna.”

Luna shook her head. “Then why did you bring a gun?”

Flynn didn’t answer. He noticed the flicker of hurt in her eyes when she said it, like she couldn’t believe he would actually want to hurt her.

“Pull the trigger.” Luna suddenly dropped her weapon and spread out her arms. “I dare you.”


Luna stepped forward. “What’s the problem? The OAE hates me, and so do you. Ridding the world of a powerful careless girl is your goal. Why not kill me right now and get it over with?”


“Do it!”

Flynn held his gun in place, but his fingers stiffened. Luna glared at him, waiting. Finally, Flynn lowered his gun.

“I won’t kill you Luna.”

Luna cocked her head. “I knew you wouldn’t.” She turned around and started to leave.

“We know where Valerie is,” Flynn called out.

That brought Luna to a halt stop.

“We know where she is held,” Flynn repeated and stepped closer.

Luna turned around and stormed forward, closing any space between them. “If this is some stupid joke-“

“It’s not.” Flynn looked at her seriously. “We will help you get your sister back. You just have to come with me.”

Luna didn’t want to give in. But blindly continuing her own search felt exhausting.

Flynn placed his hand to her arm. “I swear to you,” he said gently. “We will not do you any harm. We just need to talk. Okay?”

Luna knew he was her enemy. And so was the OAE. But she found comfort in his words, and for some reason decided to trust him.


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