“Anxiety” Lol…

Under the bright lights I could feel the sweat beading across my forehead.

I couldn’t tell exactly where the laughs were coming from. But nonetheless I felt pleased. I missed this feeling. Being on stage.

In between laughs I over heard my manager stage right booking the next gig.

“No you pay the deposit and then we announce the show,” Teddy exclaimed.

I thought to myself things are really looking up after a seven year hiatus from comedy.

“Nobody wanted to hire me after that shit,” I said. The crowd laughed hysterically in agreement.

I paced around the stage and took a big sigh of relief as I prepared the next joke.

Before I could utter another word a tall slender woman in a hoodie and jeans pushed her seat back, stood up and yelled “I really can’t stand you. Your jokes about flirting with anxiety were insensitive.”

I replied, “are you flirting with me now?” And winked obnoxiously.

Everyone laughed but her of-course. I continued “then why are you still listening to me. Did anxiety send you here?”

The blonde hurried out in between the maze of tables and chairs tears running down her face.

I told everyone it was a part of the show and shrugged it off.

Morning came and despite the small mishap I felt pleased with myself.

Before I could check my phone it rang. It was Teddy.

I cleared my throat and answered.


“I really can’t stand you. You had to mess with the guest last night. Huh! You’re all over the blogs for making a lady cry. Jesus Christ!”

My palm met my forehead with agony. I hung up the phone and pulled the covers over my head.

“This too shall pass,” I whispered to myself a few times fast trying to combat an anxiety attack.

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