Red Everwhere

People say you see red when you’re angry. I hadn’t experienced that until I swung at Maisie Peterson in Upper Sixth. No one insulted my younger sister like that. I swung at her but she dodged it. She punched my nose. I heard a crack and fell into the sink. Scarlett red blood gushed from my nose. Maisie kicked my side a few times. I tried to get up but she punched my face again. I bit my tongue. More red blood. Red everywhere. I was seeing red not just metaphorically aymore. I gave up trying to fight back. Just then the fire alarm went off. Maisie kept punching. A teacher stormed in. She tore Maisie away from me, helped me up and walked us bith out of the bathroom. More red as I saw the red fire alarm going off. More red as I saw the fire. No, that was orange. We went outside. More red as I saw the fire engine. Red everywhere until I blacked out.

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