The moment the notification email popped up on Megan phone, she knew instantly it was the moment of truth for her. As she tapped the email and the first word she sees was, “Thank you for….”

She knew instantly that it was another rejection letter for her. Her heart turned cold, clenching her fist and flinging the phone on the bed. Again, this is the 700 rejection mail she had received in the last six month. It's almost as if the world ganging up against her. As she stood there staring at her hair, she pulled the front hair covering her eyes, staring at her face in the mirror, looking at the despair in her eyes.

She couldn't help but think about the ridicule that she was going to face again this week.

"What is wrong with me?” , with tears in her eyes. Not wanting to think about it, she reached out for her phone on the bed, to scroll through Instagram, anything to get her mind off the rejection mail.

By this time, she was expecting to feel numb to the rejection, unfortunately it is not the case for her. Staring at the first reel, she sees a new manufacturing company that specializes in creating and selling a bulldozer, were hiring for the role of a special assistant to the CEO.

Reading the job description and requirement, she knew instantly that she was not qualified for the job, but decided to make an attempt to apply. Done with the application, she continued from where she stopped, scrolling down. A few minutes later, she gets a mail, telling her where the interview is taking place and the date. Her eyebrow rose in an arch.

”So quickly, is this a scam or what?”

Obviously everything about the jobs screams she is not qualified, and yet she is asked to come for an interview, Megan was beginning to think that this job was a scam. As she thought about the amount she had in her account balance, she felt there was nothing to worry about. She decided to read about the company and prepare herself for the interview.

The next day, Megan arrived at the company, she stared at the people that filled the building and began to doubt herself. The more she stared at the women dressed elegantly, the more she was certain she was not going to get the job.

She was confused a both the interview process, she walked up to a lady wearing a black suit, dressed up as secretary. “Good morning, do you mind telling me what is going on here?"

“Go to that door and collect your number”, she replied.

"Alright, thank you for this”

When she got to the door, she stretched out her hand to reach for her number to get her number.

She realised she was number 99, “How unlucky” she was not surprised at the number here for the job.

After waiting for so long, it got to her turn. She walked inside the office, she could not help but gasped at the aesthetics, the interior of the office was nothing like she has ever seen before. For no reason, her heart began to beat fast, it was here, she sat down and stared at the person about to interview her. The lady introduced herself as the CEO and began with the fearful question, "tell me about yourself”.

Like a practised robot, she poured out everything she knew by heart.

"I am impressed", The CEO said.

"Now I have a task for you, if you get this task done, you get the job”

"Yes, ma"

Megan didn't think it would be anything difficult, so she squinted her ears to listen.

"There is this land that we are trying to acquire, unfortunately, the owner of the land is not willing to listen.

Your task is to get the owner of the teapot company to sell his land to us." The more Megan listened, she laughed in her heart, If you don't want to offer the job, just don't. What type of task is this, something you didn't get, you expect me to convince him.

These were the thoughts of Megan, as she smiled at the CEO, nodding her head to agree. She got up with all her strength, feeling weak, knowing there was a catch when she accepted the interview.

As she stepped inside her house, she asked herself, why is it so difficult getting a job, she strolled into the kitchen to snack on a chocolate. As she mulched on the chocolate, "What is the big deal, the highest that is going to happen is she might be rejected. She picked up her phone to read about the Teapot company refusing to sell their land to the bulldozer manufacturing company. The more she read about the Hitiko, the woman behind the teapot company, she felt it was impossible to achieve.

After finding the location of the Teapot company, she wore the green stilettos that she got at a pawn house shop five years ago, wearing a white shirt and black skirt, she felt could take the world. Staring at herself, "You can do it, Megan”. She took a breath to calm down. She arrived at the Teapot company, she realised she needed an appointment, which was not going to be happening anytime soon.

It's at the end of the month, Megan asks herself “Why have I not given up yet?" Sitting at the secretary office, the owner of the Teapot company walks in and the first thing she notices is the stiletto. The stiletto was the first item in her collection she sold to start her Teapot company.

She walks to Megan," Hi, where did you get this stiletto from?", she asked.

Megan responds,” Good morning, I got this from a pawn shop.


“Ten years ago”

The Teapot owner signed and, asked her to come in her office.

She gestured for Megan to have a seat.

"Why are you here?”

Megan began to think of the words she had crammed to impress the CEO. After saying everything she wanted, Megan stared at the Teapot owner, her heart began to thump faster. The Teapot owner was not impressed, she looked at Megan indifferently.

Just when Megan was expecting the Teapot owner to chase her out of her office, she agreed to sell the land. Megan eyes opened wide, with her mouth open, did she hear wrong, as if reading Megan mind," I agree to sell the land on one condition, you become the middleman. Megan, feeling excited, forgot where she was and jumped, screaming. The Teapot owner grinned, staring at the excitement of the young woman.

Megan left the office to the bulldozer manufacturing company. When she arrived, she demanded to see the person who interviewed her.

"Come in" Megan opened the door to walk in.

"I have achieved the task you assigned to me after a month, The owner of the Teapot company is willing to sell the land".

The interviewer eyebrow rose, “so quickly?”.

She was not expecting Megan to complete the task, especially when many others have failed and given up.

"How did you convince her?"

Megan told her everything that happened, showing her the stilettos that made it happen, the interviewer listening was shocked, mouth was opened agape, she never in her wildest dreams thought this would be the reason.

Going through Megan resume, she realised that she was not fit for the position and was not willing to employ her any more. Megan, not knowing this, told her the agreement with the Teapot owner wanting her to be the middle man or the deal will not be successful. The interviewer heart thumped faster, she had no choice to offer the job to Megan.

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