…Only A Dream?

There’s days I’m scared of my subconscious.

Nights where I close my eyes and am terrified of what I’ll see.

Times there are monsters lurking at the edges of my vision, waiting to pounce as soon as the black takes over.

When I slip into R.E.M., the visions slip out, unwanted.

Why am I here?

What’s going on?

Why is his throat being ripped out?

How do I feel my legs moving so fast, running from terrors that arent real?

No! Don’t just jump off the balcony!

No! Don’t just go murdering people to scare me!



Why must my mind haunt me

Why must this have to fully play out

Why can’t I just go back to sleep peacefully

Why am I scared to go back to sleep

Why the fuck can’t it just go away?!

Because I wake up and it’s deja vu and it’s not real and it’s all becoming real at the same time.

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