Feeling the now familiar asphalt beneath his feet turn into gravel Ashton groaned and rolled his eyes, looking at Jared at his side. Jared clutched at his small black drawstring bag which lean off his right shoulder, the left string being mere follicles of fiber ready to break down the second it were to rest on large bicep, so instead it sag off lopsided against his bag.

“I’m actually ecstatic about the whole thing honestly.” Ashton said after his earlier groan failed to grab Jared’s attention.

Something about these mere 8 words lit a flame in Jared’s soul now. He turned, now looking slightly down at the short Ashton, his fussy dark hair nearly covering his emerald eyes where Jared stare before speaking.

“You’re seriously “ecstatic” that our one way across the country kicked us out unexplainably and unexpectedly? For what reason exactly, what about that brings you to be ecstatic.”

Now gulping, his heart dropping a bit at every new word that came off of Jared’s tongue, Ashton responded, “Yes, I actually am, it clearly was for a reason, plus, we’re able bodied, have money, have iPhone, how bad could it be?”

Jared took a minute before responding. Ashton stare at his pupils and his sunkissed hair as the strong sun above shined just right to illuminate every pore on Jared’s face. Then Jared said “Yes, that’s all true Ashton sure, but we’re two 19 year olds who come from middle class “moving” across the country to pursue not so financially promising lives, so we really don’t need to be wasting our money on another ride do we when we’re still 12 hours away in a car, not even considering how far that is on foot.” Ashton stared back now in disbelief and began his silence.

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