Emergency Alert

I’m getting ready for bed when I hear my phone go off. I check it and it’s an emergency alert. It doesn’t have anything else with it. Strange. I finish brushing my teeth then it goes off again. It was the same thing, but then the power cut out. My phone lost the signal. The battery was luckily at 76%.

I debate going to neighbor’s house to ask if they know what’s happening. I didn’t think it was very smart. I mean who wanders out in this horror movie type situation. That’s like the first rule. Instead I locked the doors and hunkered in the closet. Just in case… I mean there might not be anything wrong right?

I sit there for hours listening to my breathing. In. Out. In. Out. It’s starting to get unnerving. I hold my breath and listen for a moment. Silence. I let out a sigh of relief. I’m not worried. I never was. Totally…

I need to find a different spot. If I stay here I’m going to go crazy. There is another closet in the bathroom, but it is too cramped. I could hide in my basement, but it’s creepy and that’s a huge mistake. I’ll go to my room board the doors and windows. I know I’m overreacting. The alert was probably a mistake, but just to be sure… right?

I sit cornered in my room. I see something in the shadows. It is smiling at me. A horrible wide-toothed smile with large yellow teeth. I knew I wasn’t crazy. I knew it. Then I passed out.

The phone lit up with one final alert. It flashed red and said, “Evacuate immediately, a gas leak has been detected in your area.” Then it went black once more.

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