My eyes opened and in came the stars, like the universe vomited down my eyeballs forcefully every secret of the cosmos

I felt the sensation of a perfectly crafted piece of orgagami being forcefully opened back into paper, leaving cuts and scuff marks in its haste

I could not speak, my tounge was barren of saliva as if it evaporated with the heat of what I’ve been told

Every muscle in my body ached, it hurt, like if atlas got tired and placed the earth on my shoulders

Not a single piece of me didn’t feel the impact of just these couple words, my brain stuck in a silent loop of the utter of those words unfolding, refusing to play the audio so my ears wouldn’t burst

I denied it

At first

But it hurt because its the truth

A sin unfamiliar to heaven and hell, a truth so foreign to reality it isn’t conceivable to a human being

But it happened.

I heard the words again

As much as I wanted my brain to shut off

To forget

But I knew I had no choice

I avoided the ringing between my ears as the memory plays again

I clench, wanting to dissapear

But instead



“Professional Wrestling”

“Is Fake”

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