I Bet He Taste Sweet

She looked out the window into the rain. A breath let lose between her lips as she slowly traced her hand up the drapes. Her fingers moved between the curves of the fabric. She took a step back and she let lose a sigh. She walked towards the vanity and plopped down as she listened to the rain drops splatter on the roof.

She looked dishelved. Sunken eyes, grey and red coloring her eye bags. Cheeks hollow, lips pursed and pink while the rest of her face was lacking in color. She raked her hands through her dull brown hair, separating knots and twists as she looked at her face.

Grabbing a jar of the counter of the vanity, she began to slather green liquid to her skin. The liquid was bright and had an odd smell to it, but the minute it hit her skin it sunk into her pores.

Slowly her skin became more alive, tone filling her pale white complexion as if blood rushed to her face. A blush hit her cheeks as they became fuller, her eyes shine a brighter blue, her hair took a glossy black tone. Her face shifted and transformed until she was almost a completely different person. Her eyes were brighter and bigger, her cheeks full and healthy, her lips colorful and puffy, her hair glossy and rich, her nose thinner and slightly upturned, her eyebrows full and arched. She looked more desirable, she looked more like a woman you’d see on a night out soaking up the attention.

She looked back to the mirror and grabbed a small tube of crimson lipstick to which she applied generously to her lips. When done she stood and walked to the wardrobe, as she only wore a thin nightgown, and that wouldn’t do for going out.

Flinging the doors open she grabbed for a black shirt that sat loose with large sleeves, which she layered under a deep velvet red corset. She back in for a black long skirt and a pair of black tall boots that reached her knee cap.

After she finished dressing she threw her hair up in a haphazard bun that left loose little curls around her nape and ears.

Taking one final look in the mirror she smiled at herself, adjusting her breasts to sit high and at the center of attention, practically spilling over the neckline of her shirt. Then she walked out the door into the night.


The bar was loud and obnoxious. Drunks sloshed over chairs spilling their cups on the floor or other patrons, while others played pool, the loud smack of the balls echoing through the hall.

She made a dash for the empty stool at the bar, as it was the last left. She plopped down next to a burly man whose arms were covered in tattoos. His clothes looked as if he hacked at them with scissors himself just to show off the ink covering his skin. A cigarette hung off his lip as he pounded his empty glass down so the bar tender might acknowledge his lack of alcohol and pour him more. Bastard looked as if he’d had enough though, his eyes drooped and his body swayed a bit with every move he made.

Wouldn’t taste very good.

Her eyes slid to look to her other side.

A quiet man with a curly-q mustache and hair slicked back. He had a button up flannel tucked into jeans with biker boots on his feet. Well- mannered, polite, but wants to be left alone. Easy to tell from how He leaned over his drink and kept to himself careful not took take up too much room or piss anyone off.


Small talk, nothing too personal but just enough to make him interested.

She smiled at him as she asked the bartender for a shot of tequila.

“What’s your poison?”


Short, simple, no move to make more talk.

She turned slightly more towards him angling herself so her breast might pop a bit more. The bartender handed her shot to her and she knocked it back.

“You like shots?”


“A girl piss you off?”


“Work piss you off?”


“Am I pissin you off?”


He glared at her and she snickered slightly.

The taste would be divine.

“You know once you make an effort to talk to me, I think you’d really love me.”


“Tsk-tsk, so negative. Do you work around her?”


He looked to the bartender as if pleading to be saved.

“So you work around here, and I bet you are here cuz girl problems. If you aren’t here trying to get a girl, you’re here drinking because of a girl.”

“Would you shut up?”

“Sorry but my mouth likes to keep busy.” She winked at him, egging him on.

“I simply want to drink and be left alone.”

“That sounds like a man nursing a broken heart. Or a long day at work where his boss chewed his ass out.”

He side eyed her.

“She cheated on me with my boss.”

Salty. The taste would be salty, but so tender too.

“So a bitch and a dick is what you’re drinking about? Sounds like another whiskey is in order.”

She catches the bartender as they pass motioning for another glass of whiskey for the man and two shots for herself.

She coaxes the man to admit more of his wretched life as she continues filling him with whiskey.

His eyes become more glassy with each drink. His mouth blabs out more as his hands become touchier. He leans towards her as the time passes. After an hour his stools found it’s way closer.

“I’m going to get the fuck out of this place tomorrow. I got no reason to stay in this shithole. I’ll get a new job and find a new girl. I don’t need all this shit.”

She leaned in close. Nibbling on his ear lobe she breathed out,

“I can get you’re mind moved on from her. I can give you a whole new experience she never could have.”

He looked at her with desire in his eyes. His pupils trailing from her face to her breasts and back up. He smiled a devilish grin.

She stood and took his hand. He stumbled as he dismounted from the stool and followed her to the door. His body swayed as they weaved through the patrons, drinking, laughing, arguing, enjoying their drunk existence in the bar, unaware of the dirty deeds that would transpire.

Just as unaware as the man clutching her hand.


They made way from the bar door to the stairs on the side of the building. Her home just above the bar. It was perfect.

The climbed the steps, his heavy boots causing the steps to reverberate. She slid the key in the lock and turned it letting him inside her precious little space.

She worked so hard to make it homey for herself.

Dark earthy tones covering the surfaces.

She guided the drunken man to the velvet couch where she pushed him down.

She sat atop his lap his hands instantly cupping her ass. She lay one hand atop his shoulder the other pushing his jaw aside to display his neck to the soft light. She licked the skin as she whispered to him,

“No other woman could make you feel the way I will.”

With a soft click her teeth separated making room for large canines. She pierced his skin. His hands grasped tighter at her cheeks while Green liquid would mix with his blood bringing him an ethereal sense of comfort and calm and she drank him dry.

His body became more relaxed every second she continued. She drank him dry, so she stood and stepped back

His skin had began to crease, his body becoming a husk of what it was.

She licked her lips taking in the sweet and salty taste she’d sucked up from his tender flesh.

Alcohol was a poison to humans but it made for a wonderful tool to get the simple things she desired.

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