Chef’s Kiss

I see an array of warm colors. The steam flying from the pot like a train whistling down the tracks. A plethora of reds and yellows and oranges swirl around before my eyes. Forming this dish was a challenge but also an exciting event. Feeling the soft red bombs burst between my fingertips and allowing for an array of flavor to splatter the bowl. In another moment I feel tears cascade down my cheeks as I slice the least desirable of my ingredients but also the most important. Salts and peppers and oregano galore, I see soft, dark tones fall into my thick, red sauce and send waves of euphoric scents to my nostrils. I can almost see the streets of Rome before me as I close my eyes and take in another breath. Nothing truly hits the spot like the smell of fresh garlic and tomatoes. Meanwhile, I hear the steady bubbling of my noodles beginning to boil. Oh how the rhythmic sound soothes my soul like rolling thunder on a rainy afternoon. My stomach begins to rumble at the thought of these sweet and savory flavors coming together into one pan. The presentation made complete with the topping of basil garnish. I almost can’t contain the excitement when I feel the warm pasta hit my empty belly. The way it slides down my throat with ease. This was definitely worth the wait.

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