“I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW YOU COULD DO THIS. YOU ARE LIVING UNDER MY ROOF, SO FOLLOW MY RULES! YOU WONT HAVE TO WORRY ANYMORE, BECAUSE YOU AREN’T LIVING HERE ANYMORE.” The words my mother last said to me replayed in my head over and over. I didn’t know what to do, I am only 16 and i’m out in the big world on myself. I decided to go to the bus stop and wait for a bus. Where was I going? I don’t know. Anywhere but here, I can’t stand it here. With my earbuds in, I walked to the bus stop which was about a 4 minute walk from where I was. When I got to the bus stop, I sat down on the bench and tried to calm down and think about this maturely. Listening to music and photography were the two things that always helped me think. Then, A lightbulb. I should live my dream of being a photographer! There was one dilemma, I would need a partner. A noise of metal clinking and air releasing pulls be out of my thought, the bus was here! I got on the bus and sat on the 6th row. On the ride I made a flyer about a photographer partner to put on bulletin boards. Soon after I got off the bus, I went to a park to sit on a bench. Then, I got a hit on the flyers! It was a nice, funny, very sassy, 17 year old girl. We got to know each other, she was perfect! One of her relatives passed recently and she hit the jackpot, so money isn’t an issue. About two weeks later we started our journey to Europe. This journey was really important to me. My first photography quest. It felt like, well like I had power. First, We went to Italy and saw ‘The Grand Canal’. Then, France and Ireland. It was amazing. We would stop in the middle of the street, snap a picture, and move on. I wasn’t held down being forced to marry a stuck up rich guy. I was.. free.

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