Distant Worlds 

In quiet corners of their home, they dwell,

Where dust settles on old passion, and dreams decay,

They move like shadows, mere echoes of a spell,

Of a love once ablaze, now dimmed to gray.

Her eyes, like rain-soaked petals, try to hide the pain,

In her faded nightgown, she longs for an embrace,

No make up, she knows all her efforts would be in vain,

For he no longer sees the canvas of her face.

His footsteps echo through the empty hall,

A working man’s rhythm, just trying to pay the bills,

Oblivious to the fact that she would risk it all,

Unspoken words weigh heavy, so she drinks booze to chase the pills.

They share a bed, yet warmth eludes their touch,

Two islands drifting in a sea of silence vast,

Their love, a distant memory, fades as such,

And the moon weeps for what they've lost, the love that’s passed.

"Did you have a good day?" he asks, routine,

She nods, resignation in her whispered voice,

Honesty unraveled would be too keen,

Their frayed hearts held by tethered threads of choice.

He dreams of distant shores, escape's sweet song,

Where sun-kissed waves ignite with fiery hue,

While she yearns for a touch that lingers long,

A kiss to rekindle embers once anew.

Yet habit binds them, fear's unbreakable chain,

Two strangers sharing life, a silent plea,

Their buried love, a dark, haunting refrain,

As gray skies weep for all that cannot be.

Side by side, they sleep, yet galaxies apart,

Breaths in sync, but in distant worlds they roam,

Night's velvet shroud wraps around their fading hearts,

The ache of what might've been, before the death of their happy home.

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