In the boundless sky of childhood's grace,

Where innocence and joy interlace,

A bird takes flight, a wondrous chase,

Freedom's essence, in every space.

With wings outstretched, it soars on high,

Through azure realms, it paints the sky,

A dance of joy, no need to pry,

In every beat, a lullaby.

Oh, to be that bird in flight,

To feel the breeze, so pure and light,

In endless skies, where dreams ignite,

A canvas vast, with no respite.

In childhood's realm, where hearts take wing,

Where laughter and innocence sing,

Freedom reigns, an eternal spring,

In every heart, a sacred thing.

So let us cherish, with hearts untamed,

The memories of a time unclaimed,

When like that bird, we soared and aimed,

For skies of freedom, forever framed.

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