📚 My Crew 🪄

“Hey, where’s your spell book?”

Hermione would say.

“Hurry up, you mighty bloke!

We’ve got a test today!”

“Listen closely, here’s the plan…”

Kaz whispers quietly.

Nina laughs, claps her hands,

“King Kaz, so high and mighty!”

Jameson Hawthorne winks at me,

Sending butterflies up my spine.

“Hey Heiress! Are you almost ready?

It’s only a quarter to nine!”

Rowan Whitethorn takes me in his arms,

And he whispers in my ear.

He always protects me from harm,

And chases away my fears.

Jude and Cardan, smiling at me

“Isn’t she the best daughter?”

“She’s so sweet and pretty!”

I grin and say they’re the best mom and father

Keefe rides around on Silveny,

“You like this, don’t you, Glitter Butt?

Flying around all the time, so free!”

He should know he always has my trust

Cinder waves at me with her cyborg hand

From the comfort of her throne

Kai is with her, hand in hand

So I’ll leave them alone

Maxon and America share a sweet glance

But Maxon turns and winks at me

Pfft, like I’d ever have a chance

Pip and Ravi kill the bulletin board,

Covered with red string

They’re ready for something more,

Like a wedding in the spring

Aaron Warner gnaws his lip,

Melting my fragile heart

But he has always had it—

He’s had it from the start

Belly and Conrad are riding the waves,

Jumping in and laughing hard

I have to warn them to behave

Because there’s no end when there’s a start

Percy and Annabeth, reading books

Well, only Annabeth is reading…

Percy’s admiring her looks

Scarlet and Tella twirl in their skirts

Swaying to the music that’s playing

Julian and Dante—well, there’s two flirts

They’re both hot… I’m just saying…

I’m going to miss these characters! 🥰

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