A Father’s Secret

“I can’t believe this is happening”, Sandra thought as she watched the disoriented women flip over tables and yell explicit words at the man she thought she would be spending the rest of her life with. Sandra was amazed at how fast the woman was moving with a belly sticking out just as far as hers did. She couldn’t imagine having the energy since her last trimester and been doing a number on her ability to move due to discomfort and easily becoming winded. Sandra gazed in disbelief at the woman as she went for the table that was elegantly decorated with pink and gray Minnie mouse favors and baby confetti. Everyone’s gasps and whispers were so loud they made a ringing in her ear. She had to do something quick before the woman destroyed her beautiful custom made Minnie Mouse cake with the name Cassie written on it in opulent calligraphy.

“Wait! Stop!” Sandra yelled out while moving as fast as she could to block the woman from reaching the cake.

“What is going on here Kevin?” she questioned franticly and out of breathe. She could see the guilt and shame on Kevin’s face. Something had been off with him for a while. She had sensed that something wasn’t right with Kevin for weeks but when she asked he would just brush her off and tried to make it seem as though everything was fine.

“I’m his wife and we have been married for 8 years now.” The woman proclaimed.

She rubbed her belly “And you see this? This is our baby that’s due any day now. Not baby number 1. Not number 2 but number 3.” Sandra’s baby moved immensely as she got a pang in her stomach from what she had just heard. The collective gasps in the room from family and friends made Sandra’s heart skip a beat. Was this really happening? Was this really going on in front of everyone whom she considered her world?

Sweat began to fall down the side of her face. She tried to take deep breathes to slow her heart rate but her tightened throat made it hard for her to do so.

With her mind now full with rage Sandra repeated grittily “What is going on Kevin?”

“I - I been trying to tell you for a while. I- I just did not know how.” Kevin explained timidly.

Any other day Kevin’s 6 foot slightly muscularity frame, dark hair, and grey eyes would easily make her anger melt away. But this event that was supposed to be one of the most important days of her life had been ruined on his account. Not to mention the fact that everyone in her life had front row seats to the reveal that she had been a side chick the whole time they had been together. How could he do this Sandra thought. Why would he not explain things from the beginning and give her a chance to decide if she wanted to take on the role instead of deceiving her and making her believe she would someday be Mrs. Kevin Maxwell. This was supposed to be the start of her family. This was supposed to be the beginning of their dynasty. This was all too much for Sandra. She started to feel lightheaded. Her legs began to feel weak. She heard one last gasp in unison as she began to fall and land on the beautiful custom cake she wanted to protect.

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