A Woman Scorned

I used to be beautiful. Full of life, pretty smile, happy, that’s the way they used to describe me. I am now tainted, my hair holds painful memories instead of volume, my smile nothing but a ghost on my face. I am no longer beautiful and I am certainly no longer full of life. HE took that from. He took it all from me. I had my WHOLE life ahead of me, I was only 17. I put trust in him. He took advantage of a naive girl and for that hell will rain down upon him. Someone or something out there brought me back for some forsaken reason, and I’m going to use that to bring my life, or what it used to be, it’s well deserved justice.

I crawled my way back up that riverbank with so much will and determination that my fingertips are shredded to the bone. I am determined to let them know who did this to me. Who the man responsible for turning my innocent body into a mangled one at the bottom of a cliff. I will make sure that my memory scorches your brain. I will make sure that every fiber of my being haunts you for eternity while you sleep. May you never rest in peace, I certainly will never get the chance to.

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