Aleksander’s house

She stares down at the paper.

**Dear Nadezhda, **

** **We are sad to inform you that

your great uncle Aleksander

Vasilyevich has passed on the

date of January 5th. He has left

several of his possessions to you

in his will. We would like you to

come to our quarters to claim

these possessions. Information on

when and where are stated below.

_What. _Reading it again, and again, and _again, _Nadya is completely puzzled. As far as she was concerned, she’s never had a great uncle Aleksander. But it _does _match up, because her last name is printed on the paper right after the name of her “great uncle”.


** **“So, let me get this straight. I haven’t inherited _any _of the money he supposedly owned, I haven’t inherited any nice furniture or anything. All I got was his old house that he never even set foot in?” Nadya doesn’t mean to sound ungrateful, because she’s not. She’s still in shock.

“Yes. Trust me, we’re just as confused as you.” The agent replies, “It’s strange that all his money and belongings were donated to charity, while the only thing he gave you was an old house. Well, you must’ve been a favorite.”

“I didn’t even _know _him!”


** **Nadya pulls up in front of the house. It’s old; the paint is peeling and weeds are growing all along the walls and ceiling. She scoffs.

_“_Yeah, like I need this piece of trash anyway. _Pustaya tratya vremeni.” _She mutters under her breath, and drives away.

_ _

_ _**_~~~

_**It’s loud; the rain pounds on her roof, the thunder shakes her house and the lightning illuminates her room. Nadya can’t sleep, tossing and turning in her bed.

_Krrak! _

_ _“What the..?!” Nadya looks at the hole in her roof, and the branch now taking up half her bedroom. “_Oy, Gospodi!” _

_ _

_ _Looks like she will be using that house after all.


** **She sets her sleeping bag and portable heater down in the small upstairs bedroom. The house is much bigger than it looked on the outside, almost unnaturally so. The rain seems like a distant thing now; the thunder is a barely audible noise. Something about the house is soothing, and Nadya drifts off to sleep.


** **_BANG. _

_ _The door is wide open. _Didn’t I close it? _Nadya cautiously gets out of her sleeping bag. After she shuts the door, she quickly sprints back, only to find that her sleeping bag has been rolled up.

A flash of light catches her off guard, and the door creaks open once again. Suddenly, the realization hits Nadya.

“_Oh my god, _This place is haunted!”

It’s going to be a long night.

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