My Riches Are Bloodstained

These people don’t know who I am and if they did they would run,

On the outside I’m a young lady from a wealthy family, what other lies are there to be spun.

All secrets are out, after all this time I have finally been caught,

I don’t know if I should feel angry or relieved, I haven’t been properly taught.

When it’s my time to speak I don’t want to be proven innocent, I want them to shout guilty as charged and for me to be locked away,

Then I won’t have to deal with seeing this ugly side of society every single day.

I see people on my side saying lies to the judge in order to let me go,

Every time they open their mouths I want to jump up and scream “No!”

Because all of these lies, every single one of them is simply not true,

I don’t want to be underestimated for the things that I did and will do.

I look around the room feeling empathetic for the lower class,

They are nothing but worthless and it would be too easy to have them in the grass.

I’m a criminal that no one suspects and that doesn’t make it great,

It makes me sad to think that no one is caring or wondering why Felix is late.

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