I stared at Darren as he passed me in the hallway, his broad frame less than two feet away from me. I could smell his cologne. I sighed as butterflies filled my stomach.

To tell the truth, I was delusional.

Darren and I were friends.


I would actually use the term "friendly".

He also had a girlfriend.

So... not the best situation overall.

Listen, I'm not some home-wrecker. I've never made a move, and his girlfriend also happens to be a complete bitch. Bella was the type of girl to go to any kind of event just to disrupt the whole thing and make fun of everyone there. Why? I could not even begin to dissect the trauma that could possibly inflict that.

Speaking of...

I stared at him as he continued down the hallway and into the arms of said girlfriend. The butterflies turned into mush in my stomach and I suddenly felt sick and turned away.


Next period for me was Drama. I had a presentation that day, so I had to change into my costume. I walked backstage, grabbed my costume, and opened one of the doors to a change room. I opened one of the doors and saw Bella making out with someone. Ew. Like I wanted to see her and Darren hooking up. Neither of them were even in that class. I went to quietly close the door before I realized something.

Holy shit.

It wasn't Darren. She was exchanging saliva with Jase fucking Clark!

I snuck out unnoticed (they were really into it apparently), and continued my day like nothing had happened. But something had happened. And I couldn't lie when I said that a part of me was happy it did.

Last period.

My class with Darren.

I felt sad upon seeing him. I felt bad for him that something like that was happening behind his back. He deserved better.

He looked up, saw me, and smiled. He had the kind of smile that just made me melt under his gaze.

I sat in the seat next to him and said hi.

While doing our work, he began to talk about Bella, and how it was almost their six month anniversary.

Wow. Six months since my heart broke.

I nodded along while he was talking, but my thoughts were elsewhere and came on too fast, so I interrupted him.


"Yes?" He looked up from his computer at me.

"She-She's not who she says she is."

He laughed slightly.

"What are you talking about?"

"Bella... she's cheating on you."

Looking back on it I can see how crossing Bella without any game plan would've ended badly.

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