The Human Thing

Remember when I did the Human Thing?

When I (almost cried)

Told you that I loved you,

And you told me

It was okay,

And you slid out of your skin.

I think about it,


How beautiful you are

To have cupped me in your hands

And set me down gently again.

I pulled my heart out from under my ribs,

And gave you Something Human,

Something (real),

And you gave me Something Human back.

I don’t think

I was a real person

Before then.

Just a hungry skinsack,

A waking,

Walking thing,

A dream.

But you gave me a piece of your Humanity,

In that dim room,

And the walls drew close,

And I loved you for it,

More than I had ever loved anyone or anything.

You even pulled your heart

From under your own ribs,

Trading vulnerability.

You’ve killed me a hundred times since,

Each as softly as the first,

And I let myself die anew,

Each time,

As I never did before.

Perhaps that is the most alive

I will ever be,

(Dying, again and again.)


A/n: Not the beginning of a crush, so this piece is technically ntp, but it’s still in the general topic area so who cares.

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