Travel Virtual

I sit and stare at my screen

A virtual world at my fingertips

I click and swipe and tap

As I travel through this digital realm

I see mountains and valleys

Oceans and skies

Cities and villages

All within my reach

I visit distant lands

And meet people from faraway places

I learn about their cultures

And see their faces

I feel the rush of excitement

As I explore new horizons

I am free to roam

In this digital world of mine

But as I sit and gaze

At this screen before me

I can't help but wonder

Is this the only way to see?

Do I need a screen to travel

To experience the world around?

Or is there more to life

Than what I see on this device?

I long to feel the wind on my face

To see the world with my own eyes

To truly explore and discover

And not just through a screen's disguise

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