Lab Rat

It started with a sharp pain in the back of my head then an abrupt chime. I opened my heavy eyes and lifted myself up, that same chime thrashing in my ears, obscuring my thoughts. Out of annoyance, I jolted up ready to strike whatever made that too-cheerful jingle. Only for it to stop.

My need to find out where I was overtook my desire to cradle my throbbing head, the overhead light not helping at all. I frantically searched the room that had no doors, no windows, no way out. The white room was barren, only a bed, table, chair, and a sad corner that vaguely resembled a bathroom. In a funny way, the corner had a small wall that prevented others from seeing your business.

I held my head in frustration. The room was eerily sterile, not a spec of dust or dirt to indicate any human presence. There must be an exit, if I was able to enter then there has to be a way out of this predicament. I covered my eyes in my defeated head, trying to break away from my reality when I was startled by the chime that woke me up. Lifting my head I watched in anticipation as one of the walls started to recede in the shape of a small square. Slowly, the wall pulled back into itself to reveal a plate of steak and veggies. When the wall stopped moving I hesitantly walked towards the food, noticing upon further examination a small note in front of the plate: "Welcome" in pretty cursive. I looked around the indentation of the receded wall, nervously putting my head in the hole to see where the food could've came from. Like the room itself, there was no evidence of any entrance or exit.

There was no sense of time, I could've been staring at the steak for minutes or hours. The room itself was so quiet my ears started to ring. For being in such a desolate room, my senses were overstimulated. My head still hurt from an unknown cause but wasn't relieved by the growing cavern in my stomach. With each passing moment I was tempted to test my fate and bite the suspicious food.

At some point my hunger decided for me and walked towards the strange plate. Grabbing a fistful of the food I shoved it greedily into my mouth. I finished the plate like a madman, disregarding the possible consequences of the food's contents. I stepped away from the wall until I sat in the lonely chair in the middle of the room. I watched in daze as the hole in the wall protruded back into it's original form. Only for it to return but with a different offer.

Two small red buttons presented themselves to me, accompanied by that polite cursive found with the food. "Book" and "Cards", each word under a different button. Hastily I pressed the book button and impatiently waited for something to occur. Like the food nothing happened until I moved away from the wall. Slowly but surely the wall closed and opened again, gifting a leather bound book that read: "The Giver, by Lois Lowry." I slumped into the harsh metal of the chair and widely leafing through the pages of the text. A scrap of paper fell to the ground. I almost threw myself to the ground to catch the small parchment. I scanned the words over and over again, as if they would magically make sense if I read it enough.

"Your Head."

I didn't know what it meant at all. When I started to gain a migraine from the stress of the situation my brain, I thought back to when I first woke up. My hand slowly drifted to the back of my head, probing where it hurt the most. I felt a wet indentation, shooting sharp prickles of agony when I irritated it. But behind my exposed skin I felt something solid and small. Screaming, I endured my suffering and pulled out the strange object. Panting from the pain I looked at my bloodied hands to see a metal medical tag. The ones you see attached to a chain. I wiped the blood off of it to reveal small letters made of indentations.

"Subject 007."

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