Tip Of The Iceberg

They called her an iceberg, frosty and insincere

Forever scheming behind a polished veneer

Eyes sharper than an iceberg’s pointy tip

Speech shallow and detached spilled from her lips.

Pale and pristine, untouched by pain or despair

Aloof and cruel, with her blank, icy stare

Merely drifting along in life’s cold sea

Alone and unloved, she would forever be.

Not once did they think she was barely getting by

Nor did they see there was more to her than met the eye

To the few who knew her, she was an explosion of life

Bountiful, uncaring that rumours ran rife-

Of her icy exterior and indifferent air, to an iceberg akin

She seemed smooth and flawless, but there were cracks within.

The world sucked her soul, she was melting everyday

But she’s try to look indestructible, impossible to sway

The tip was all they saw, but there was so much more deep below

She’d keep living through the pain, and never let it show.

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