Gold Is A Silver Giant

The talk of the town was on display again today. The creature a huge grey elephant. Desperate to see the wild looking mammal was a young girl with bronze curls around a roundish face. “Addison come now,” said her father a rather bright and commanding of attention man named Arlington.

In shades of a pilot borrowed from her husband for the noonday sun Margot stood staring at the open field. A tent and several chairs were in the distance. She meandered around looking at all the sights in a bright yellow sundress with a big sun hat. Smallish in frame Margot got around fast and before you knew it had come to the aid of several women setting up a food vending table just on the outskirts of the entrance.

Evening was coming when they would finally debut the Elephant “Gold” and all the strange creatures to the show. Lights were strung high and banners were everywhere.

Addison looked into the haystack separations and saw Gold.

“Hey you,” said the man with a pair of coveralls and a great big grin.

Arlin cleared his throat and interrupted. “I’m the little gal’s father, Arlington.” He introduced.

“Nice to meet you,” Denton shook hands with them introducing himself and talking about the show. “This here is Goldy.”

“Mister shouldn’t she be more of a Silver-uh tee?” Addison asked and smiled at the creature trying to get the nerve to sneak a pet. Her dogs were nothing like this back at home. A giant was amongst them. A wonderful giant

“Gifts all around,” declared a woman as she walked through the landscape.

Addison and her father half turned and then the tusk of the animal nudged the girl.

“Eek,” she squealed.

The father laughed and turned his attention back to Mrs. Welling. “And what are these gifts?”

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