It's Only Forward from Here

"Samantha Greene," I whispered, sitting back in my chair. The name seduced my ears like sweet music, and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to repeat her name. "What is this here visit for, Samantha Greene?"

"A want a new beginning. I want to change," she said shortly, chewing at her long nails in contemplation. Upon hearing this, I raised an eyebrow curiously.

"Why do you want to change," I asked. I looked her up and down, scanned every notable detail I could find. Though, I didn't see the problem. "I don't get it."

"Hum," she chuckled half-heartedly. Removing her nail from her mouth, she leaned in with the most serious expression she could muster. "Look, Mr. Thornesman. Everyone in the world wants some type of change. Although, when we're born, we don't know it yet. However, it only takes you till you're the age of 12–18 to figure out that change is inevitable. And I'm talking about everything—clothes, hair style, gender, identity, sexuality, spirituality, morals, goals, hopes and dreams, mindsets, health conditions, and much more. It doesn't take a genius to notice this form of change. I, for this time of being, want a change. I also want my past to be wiped from all notable memory. After all, it is a sacrifice I am willing to make."

"And what will I get from this?"

"I'm way ahead of you," she sighed, picking up a black duffle bag from the floor. Setting it on the table, she slowly slid it in front of me. Grabbing it, I stared at her. "That's forty-five thousand dollars. All of that will be yours, just for a simple transformation. Plus, you'll be wiping away my past, and any traceable conversation that we had today. All of that money, for a simple change in life."

"Are you sure," I asked, going through the piled stacks of money. "You do realize..."

"Yeah, yeah. I won't get to go back. Mr. Thornesman, I thought long and hard about this. I wouldn't come here if I didn't feel so confident and assured about myself."

"As you wish, Samantha Greene," I sighed somewhat bemused. "If this is your desired future."

"After all, it's only forward from here, right?"

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