A Final Goodbye

You Left Me As Child-

In World Too Big and Too Wild-

I Roamed The Streets-

Hoping We Again Would Meet-

You Were Never Impressed With The Things I Could Do-

It Took A While To Realize It Wasn’t Me But You-

Now I’m Grown-

With Babies Of My Own-

I Would Never Do To Them-

What You Felt You Needed To With Your Problem-

Though I’m Not Here To Pen The Blame-

After All Nothing Stays The Same-

Now You Stand Before Me As Fragile Glass-

My Mind Is Telling Me You Are Just Here To Harass-

Your Words Say You Want Back What We Had Then As If It Is Some Sort Of A Game-

But Again Neither I Nor You Are Quite The Same-

For You Age And Time Hasn’t Been Kind-

For Me Its The Truth I’m Trying To Find-

Your Eyes Are Telling Lies-

Your Mouth Seems Filled Up With Flies-

My Heart Is Whispering Forgiveness and Saying To Move On-

The Past Is Long Gone-

I Feel Though You Just Want To Use-

What Isn’t Yours Anymore To Abuse-

I Became A Somebody-

I’m No Longer That Little Nobody-

Now You Want Something I Hold Near and Dear-

You Want Me To Give You Emotion and Maybe Even A Tear-

But I’m Telling You No-

It’s Time For You And The Pain You Left Behind To Finally Go-

You Do Nothing More Than Hurt And Lie-

This Is Truly My Final Goodbye-

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