Just Saying-

Dear B.,

I just wanted to tell you. God, do I know it’s unrequited. Yet do those long conversations into the night mean nothing? Our constant support for each other? The amount of Pinterest sent between us must be unfathomable for others. And our silence has held so many words which we could not speak. You were always better at saying the words, though. You are a fantastic poet, exceeding me in many things, that included.

I am constantly thinking of you. I know, you don’t return the thoughts. But you must think of me a little, enough for me to be your friend. I’ll hang onto that. Friendship is strong, albeit fragile. I wouldn’t want to shatter it. No, that wouldn’t do.

So, you’ll never read this. Knowing this, it throws a small pang at my heart. You can’t, though. Therefore, we will string ourselves tighter together, and perhaps one day you will say it too. I’ll wait. Forever and ever and ever. Longer if need be.

I love you, B.

Lots of love,

Ciel. xxxxxxxx

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