“This all?” Amanda asked the customer as she finished ringing up her items. In her face was an elderly woman, wearing a galaxy print bandana wrapped around her fragile snow hair.

“Oh yes, I think that should be all. “ She said. The air she left between words alluded to a tone that Amanda couldn’t exactly read. This woman had a way about her. Amanda finished bagging the carton of milk and lighter fluid, which Amanda didn’t even know they carried, none the less out in the open but whatever. Reaching to grab the bag to hand it to the woman, her hand was met by a slap. The elderly woman had cracked her on the back of her palm.

“Excuse me? Is there something wrong?” Amanda seethed out, nearing the end of her shift it was hard not to snap out but this woman seemed near dementia.

“Oh, sorry, I just have it, I’ll get it myself.” She spoke, still letting the air breeze in between each word with such eeriness.

“Oh okay, have a good one.” Amanda said finishing off the transaction. Tugging at her red polo Amanda wanted to just sink into the floor. Alas she didn’t. Having to maintain her stature for 30 more minutes. Within seconds, her eyes were met with the face of Wilma, her coworker.

“Hey what’s up.” Amanda said.

“Did you just check out that old bitch?” Wilma asked. Her tone narrowing on mad intrigued and all of the above.

“Yeah I suppose, is there a problem with that?” Amanda said, holding her own.

“She’s not who she says she is.” Wilma replied.

“What exactly do you mean? She was kinda stranged and slapped me but I figured it was the dementia, she didn’t get a lot either.”

“Hah, exact fucking ly what she wants you to think. That woman is probably no older than us maybe 29 max, and she is filthy rich.” Wilma cackled in response.

“What?” Amanda said curious now.

“It’s been her swindle here for years, or at least that’s what I’ve heard from everyone else, she’s a scammer.” Wilma replied.

Amanda stood, perplexed by the surrounding world.

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