TW: attempted sexual assault/rape and killing

I watch over the creatures of this land from up in my tree. Bow in hand and quiver strapped to my back, I sit, perched, on the highest branch that will hold me so I can see as far as possible. My elven eyesight allows me to watch like a hawk.

It is my duty as one of the protectors of this forest to keep everyone and everything safe. I learned my trade from my father who learned it from his aunt. Over the years, my eyesight has become sharper and my hearing keener than other elves. Thinking over how I came to hold this position and my advancements, I get distracted from my duties.

"Help!" Someone cries out.

"Shit," I curse to myself.

I look around tuning my eyes and ears to the same sound. Finally, I find the source of the noise. A young satyr being chased by four older satyrs. She looks terrified and out of her mind as the first of the four finally catches her. I loose an arrow straight through the attackers tail pinning him to a tree. The young female looks up to find me as I start down the tree.

"Leave her alone," I demand nimbly jumping from one branch to the next.

"Why do you care?" One of the pursuers questions stopping cold to stare me down.

The other two keep after the young one as she shakes herself out of her shock and begins running again. I loose two more arrows pinning their shirts to nearby trees while continuing to stare down the fourth.

"I care because I am a protector of Fryndal. Now leave her alone or you won't walk out of here," I scold notching another arrow and pointing it straight at his heart.

"I deserve her. She treated me. Us. Now if you don't mind," he growls moving to walk past me.

"So you think you can take her for your own because you thought you were going to have sex with her and she refused?" I ask moving my arrow down.

He simply scoffs at me and goes to chase the girl. I loose the arrow sending it straight through a tendon in his leg knocking him to the ground. I notice the first one getting loose as he pulls the arrow off his tail.

"Do you have the same mindset as your friend?" I ask him.

"She's my wife and in my family...," he grumbles.

I simply shrug not wanting to hear the rest of his words before loosing another arrow sending it through his pastern just above his hoof. I knock the other two over the head rendering them unconscious before they can get loose. Walking over to the female, I slip my bow across my back signaling that I mean her no harm.

"Are you okay?" I ask kneeling down next to her.

She nods and I finally realize that she is but a child while her pursuers are adults. I ask for her permission before examining her for injuries. Noticing a small bruise on her wrist and a slight swelling in her pastern, I grab my first aid kit from the small bag on my hip.

"Here. Drink this," I say handing her a vibrant purple potion while wrapping a bandage around her hoof.

"What is it?" She asks quietly.

"It's a healing potion. It will make your injuries heal faster. Drink up and I'll take you home," I say watching her closely.

She hesitated looking at the potion suspiciously. I hold out my hand taking it back from her. She watches as I take enough of a sip to ensure her it's not poison or a drug. I hand it back to her and she empties the bottle. Stuffing the empty bottle back into my bag, I stand up helping her up as well.

"She's mine you elven bitch," one of the male satyrs growls from behind me.

"Fine. It's not usually my nature to kill those I protect, but you're threatening harm to one of my protected," I growl back notching an arrow.

I keep the young female between my back and a tree, facing all four adult males ready to charge. I loose four arrows straight into their hearts killing them instantly.

"I need you to understand something young one," I say turning around, "When it comes to protecting yourself, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself."

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