The Letter

16 years ago

“Whoever reads this letter please investigate my death it was not an accident. As I’m writing this I’m sat on the dock at the lake and I know what’s coming. I’m going to be killed.

I haven’t known for long but I’m certain that I’m going to die and it won’t be an accident, I only came down here to clear my head but as soon as I got here I knew something was wrong, I know I should have left but I couldn’t, I have nowhere else to go. When you speak to my parents they’ll tell you that I came down here because of an argument I had with them but I promise you it wasn’t either of them.

I can hear them coming so I’ll make this quick but the person who killed me is-“

No! I need them to know who did this, I need my parents to have closure, and I need them to know I didn’t do this to myself.

I watched the piece of paper fall into the lake with my body, I watched them stay as my body sank and they scooped my letter out of the lake and put it in their jacket. I can’t let them get away with this.

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