The Story of a Pirate Named Pine

The old man had always dreamed of having a son. But the day he was shanghaied he all but gave up on his dream.

He became the ship's carpenter and was in charge of repairs to the body of his new home. One day as he began his shift carving at the wood from sunrise to sunset whilst his shipmates were out pillaging local towns and harassing the King’s navy he would find himself joined by a small boy who had recently been “enlisted” into the ships crew.

The boy was given the name of Pine after the material of the bench he was found on.

Pine was placed in the man’s charge to keep him out of the way, but the boy dreamed of being like the real men who were going out every day collecting treasure.

The man tried to teach Pine the importance of education, but Pine was easily distracted and would find himself in several troublesome situations after he snuck off the ship during one raid.

He found himself tricked by a sly man pretending to be blind and was sold to a local theatre where he was made to perform.

After escaping he was arrested by the island’s royal guards and sentenced to death for piracy. As his neck was placed in the noose he thought of the carpenter and how he wished he’d listened to him. The barrel was kicked out from under his feet, but rather than staying put the boy slipped out of the rope. It had not been tied sufficiently, allowing him to escape.

Pine belted for the ship, but found it had already set off whilst he was in custody.

When word gets out the ship had been destroyed by a whale, Pine befriended a dolphin to help such, but after hours of no sign of his home, they took rest on a small island where by chance he found the man washed ashore.

The man took Pine in his arms and promised he would never let the boy out of his sight again.

The boy and his father figure made the island their new home and made use of their skills as carpenters. A trade that would follow Pine’s bloodline for centuries after.

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