Parasite; Well-known

Ignore the one that whimpers

With obnoxious plea

For something better

And something worse.

In these moments

Of sundered greed

They surrender themselves

To the arms of devaluation.

They pay the meagre fee

In hopes of dividend return,

Alas, ‘tis not so,

For they do naught in good will.

At first it seems that

They have played fair,

And succeeded in

Retrieving and receiving something for so little work.

Though they ought to beware

For they will soon be ousted and

Shamed by their group

Who will grow wise to their pandering ways.

So, when the one

Is in honest need

Their group will pay no heed-

Thrice tricked, twice the fool.

Lessons are learnt

And dues will be paid,

Debts will be collected…

Perhaps the one will come to terms…

With what they have done,

Or rather: not done.

Ultimately, ‘twas not the group

That was hurt,

But they- the one- that will

Be made to suffer.

It is not secret:

One must never deceive their protector’s trust,

Lest they are able to bare

The punishment bestowed upon them.

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